‘Strangers stop me in the street to tell me my baby looks like Boris Johnson’


A 22-year-old mum can’t believe just how much her baby daughter looks like a mini Boris Johnson – and it seems strangers can’t either, as they keep stopping her on the street to point out the resemblance.

Bethany Jeeves, from Cambridgeshire, was stunned when her daughter Lottie, now 5 months, was born with a head of long, thick blonde hair.

And in the months that have passed since Lottie’s birth, her hair has taken on a life of its own, with Bethany struggling to control it no matter how much she wets it or brushes it.

The unruly mop loves to stick up in the air, and the unique style has left Lottie bearing a striking resemblance to the Prime Minister.

Bethany said: “I can’t even leave the house without someone stopping me in the street, commenting on her hair and saying she looks like a mini Boris.

“I think it’s because her hair is so blonde, it’s so light, and it’s crazy – it goes wherever it wants.

“Babies normally lose some hair but it just got thicker and longer. That’s when it started to stick up and the ‘baby Boris’ comments started.

“I didn’t know what to do with her hair at first. I’d wet it, wash it, brush it and it would still stick up in the air.

“It was getting longer and longer and it would just stick up, it was getting to the point I was having to spend more time on her hair than my own.”

The mum-of-two said her doctor was the first person to make the comparison, and now even her two-year-old daughter Mia has begun getting in on the act.

She added: “The first person that made the Boris Johnson comparison was the GP when I took her in for her check-up.

“When he made the comment I sat there like ‘Oh, ok’. As she’s a girl I was a bit touchy but it was meant in a light-hearted way.

“The more and more people started saying it you get used to it so now I just reply ‘yeah I know’.

“Even my two-year-old caught on to what everyone else was saying, now she tells everyone ‘my sister looks like Boris Johnson’.”

And although the comparison upset Bethany at first, she wouldn’t change anything about her daughter’s wild ‘do.

She said: “Obviously I don’t think she looks like Boris because she’s my daughter, but I do get why people make the comparison, it doesn’t faze me anymore.

“I wouldn’t change anything about her hair for the world.”